AT-H003B thermostatic shower sets
AT-H003B thermostatic shower sets
Colour: black
Body: metal
Top Shower:12” 
Hand Shower: 5”
Function: top shower, hand shower, washing faucet

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Model No.: AT-H003B

3 Function Thermostatic Bath Shower Set


Product Details:


Shower Rail: 1150mm 304#S/S D Type Double Layer

Shower Hose: 1500mm PVC     

Safety stop at 38, Up to 49   

Shut-off and diverter valve   

Center Distance 150±15mm, 304#S/S Installation legs   

Push button to select shower models

12inch ABS Head Shower,adjustable head shower angle

3 function 5inch ABS Hand Shower, wall mounted hand shower holder

PPA Material diverter water way

Metal shell+Temper Glass Platform, 350x165 cm


Warranty 5 years

 Advantage of our products

Product Name  thermostatic bathroom shower set / shower faucets
Water Tube  #304 SS double water pipes, to prevent burns & corrosion-resistant
Control System  one piece aluminum alloy shell with tempered glass, L10 coating technology, long-term use as bright as new, STRONG!
 salt spray test >36hours
 one key open easy to control
Thermostatic Core  imported from Sedal Spain
 French top brand temperature sensing pole
 locking 38℃ safe water temperature to prevent water overheating cause harm to human body
Valve  imported from Taiwan
 no leakage after 500,000 times using
 3 bar, 20L/min
 KTW certificate
Water Way  patented product
 food grade PPA imported from USA, no heavy metal release improve product durability and non-scale-forming
 certificate: Wras / W-270 / ACS / KTW / NSF61
 22 L/min
Water Pressure  40KGS
Advantage  1. Air Injection Technology, the mixture of air & water makes a light impact and the water drops softer, giving you endless comfort.
 2. Water stop protect, it will stop supply the hot water upon cool water stop.
 3. Using the international top brand thermostatic core, locking 38℃ safe water temperature to prevent water temperature overheating cause harm to human body
Details  A. Shower Head: 1 Function 12 Inch (#304 SS / plastic)
 B. Hand Shower 5 inch 3 Function ( plastic)
 C. High quality Stainless Steel Hose / special PVC hose in grey, L=1.5M
 D. Bubble nozzle in water outlet to make soft coming water
Feature  complete set with rainfall shower, hand shower & faucet outlit, fixed on wall with large glass shelf
Guarantee  5years
MOQ  50 pcs
Package  color box & White box
Payment term  T/T , Western Union

Show Room


AT-H005 luxury #304 SS Ating thermostatic shower sets rectangle top Shower with hand shower water outlet



AT-H005 luxury #304 SS Ating thermostatic shower sets rectangle top Shower with hand shower water outlet

Company Profile

Foshan Ating Intelligent Sanitary Ware Technology Co.,Ltd is under the high reputation company Foshan Aiting Electrical Appliances Co.,LTD. That’s the newly shareholding branch specializes in making luxury intelligent thermostatic shower set/ stainless steel shower faucets and other sanitary wares.

Foshan Ating Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd is established in 1998, cover around 30,000 m2 production base. We are the newly 4.0 modern industrial company for designs/ developed / production and sales. We have the high-end designs & production team. In 2016 we invested more than 10 million to improve all automated machine & production technology from Germany. As for “ smart manufacturing” technology innovation process, simple and stylish design will lead the smart bathroom shower sets industry into a new future.

Company Culture

Quality Mission

In order for each product to achieve in high quality, we use the newly raw materials, so that you can use the rest assured but also more durable to meet international quality standards.


Great Design

In our design, every detail is filled with the beauty of art & life, combined with the embodiment of poetic life and perfect combination of aesthetics & production.


Human Care

Let the products bring more enjoyment to people, bring more convenience, this is the only way to achieve the highest degree of product and human integration, this is the pursuit of Ating.


Intentions service

Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide the good products & services that exceed customer expectations,always be partners with customers, this is the always “ Ating” insisted & advocated


AT-H005 luxury #304 SS Ating thermostatic shower sets rectangle top Shower with hand shower water outlet
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